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After we receive your driver it takes 2-3 business days to process, shave and ship. If you would like your driver(s) to be shaved the day after we receive it please choose Rush Processing. (Your driver will be shaved the same or next day after being received. If we are regrooving it, it will still require an additional 2-3 days.)

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Add personality to your driver with a unique driver skin!

  • Choose from the different designs and we will apply that skin to your driver while we are performing the shaving service.
  • Skins will add between 1 and 2 grams of total weight, will not harm your driver in any way, and are 100% removable.
  • Protects the crown of your driver from nicks/scratches.

Click here to see images of the available skins.

Driver Skins



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Our Process

Our Process involves machining the face of the driver or fairway wood to that particular club's own ideal thickness. This is performed with the use of a CNC machine that allows us to program the outline of the club face to maintain the original curvature while it is being machined. The club face will then be polished to match its original finish. All of the work is performed on the outside of the club. Each driver's face thickness will be measured at 5 different points before being placed on the CNC machine. The finished thickness will be measured at those same 5 points to ensure the desired specs have been obtained.


During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture below. Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after shaving. We do offer to regroove the club for an additional $25 if desired. The driver in the picture on the right below has been regrooved. All lines will be black after regrooving.


You will notice that clubs with thinner faces will have less durability. That is the trade off, but it is well worth the added performance to most golfers. We have very few problems with durabilty when our suggested COR shaving levels (based on a player's swing speed) are adhered to. We do guarantee not to damage or break your club while we are working on it, but cannot guarantee the durability of it afterwords. You will be able to select your desired shaving level when you order our service. We suggest .880 COR for most golfers as that will give the best blend of performance and durability. .890 COR may be acceptable for those with a swing speed under 100 and .900 COR should be reserved for those players with swing speeds under 90. Clubs with lesser degrees of loft ie 8 to 9 are going to sustain more pressure upon impact than a higher lofted club also simply due to the angle of impact.

Types of Clubs

We can improve the performance on pretty much any club whose COR is .890 or below. .900 is the maximum COR achievable so any club starting at .900 cannot be further improved upon. We can normally blend any polished metal face driver very close to its original stock finish. Black coated surfaces, clubs with etched finishes or logos, and composite faced drivers may obviously change in appearance.

Performance Guarantee

90% of golfers will gain additional yardage by having their dirver shaved. For various reasons 10% won't see major improvement. This can be either caused by inconsistencies in the club's original manufacturing process or because of the players type of swing. There are some players who just don't generate much of what's called a smash factor when striking the ball. Smash factor takes into account the amount of force generated by the clubhead right at the moment of impact. It is much more than just club head speed. It also takes into account factors like wrist snap, torque, club head angle of approach, club face angle etc. This is why you will see two players with identical swing speeds whose distance off the tee varies greatly. These differences will cause some players to pick up significant distance when having a driver shaved while others won't pick up much at all. This can usually be overcome by a second shaving if the performance increase isn't substantial after the initial shaving as it indicates that the smash factor for the player will allow for a more aggressive shaving. We will reshave a club at no cost and cover the return shipping if you are not satiisfied with it's performance.

How to Order

Please read this thoroughly before ordering. Failure to read this may result in delays during processing and receiving your order.

  1. Add to Cart, and checkout as a guest or registered customer.
  2. Print a copy of your email order confirmation and send it along with your driver(s). Make sure your return shipping address is the same address shown on your payment receipt or note where you would like the driver(s) shipped to. Please don't send your driver(s) without paperwork or your receipt. This will greatly slow down your turn around time while we research whose driver(s) we have.

  3. The best way to obtain boxes long enough for your driver(s) is to visit your local golf course or pro shop and ask them for a box long enough to ship them in. Otherwise, USPS, UPS and FedEx all have 38" long triangular tubes for free; they will have to be cut and fitted in order to fit your driver(s).
  4. Please send your driver(s) to the address below. USPS Priority is the cheapest method to use, but FedEx and UPS are great for getting your driver(s) to us overnight. Please note that these methods are typically very expensive, and always insure your package!

    Ship To:
    World's Hottest Drivers
    5869 S. Kyrene Road Suite #11
    Tempe, AZ 85283

Please send the package with a shipping company that provides a tracking number so you can see when it is delivered to us. We are sorry but we can't always take the time to research whether your club came in or not. If you would like to receive a tracking number when we ship the club back please make sure your email is included when you checkout.

A note about USPS Priority Mail:
Priority mail does not use a true tracking number system. If you provide your email when checking out, you'll be sent a Delivery Confirmation number when we ship your driver(s). This system only shows when the label is created and when a delivery attempt is made. It does not show actual progress of the package.

Canadian Customers

If you are shipping to us by ground make sure you mark the shipment 'Free Domicile' and not 'Prepaid.' 'Free Domicile' means all charges will be billed back to the shipper.

The best way to avoid any additional charges at customs is to ship by air. The entry prep fee for shipping across the border is built into air freight rates so there will be no surprise charges after the shipment has been delivered.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Driver Shaving March 17, 2014
Reviewer: Donald from San Diego, CA United States  
This driver does as advertised. When I catch it, ball goes 30-40 yards farther easily. Prompt service too. Would recommend to my friends, but not for now!!!!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Albq, NM March 17, 2014
Reviewer: 15-20 handicap from Albuquerque, NM United States  
Turnaround time was very fast & the results were more than anticipated. The golf
balls just explode off the driver when hit square. Off center strikes are also better than before.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Cobra Amp Cell driver shaved and to 880 COR March 17, 2014
Reviewer: GARY HOLTERMAN from MASON, OH United States  
High quality service to make the game more's a no-brainer!

Thanks again!

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  0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Tony Bell March 17, 2014
Reviewer: Tony Bell from chattanooga, TN United States  
I had recent knee surgery, so I haven't had a chance to hit my driver. I looks great.If it does what  think It will ' I am going to treat my sister to the process. Will let you know in about three weeks. Regret  did see the discount coupon.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Great results. March 17, 2014
Reviewer: . from Oceanside, CA United States  
I am 78 years young.  The shaving of my driver has turned back the clock at least 10 years. I have lost a lot of distance over time (40 yards down to 210)  the new result is a positive gain of 30 to 50 yards on well struck drives.  Par 5's are now easily managed and my approaches to par 4's much shorter.  Great work.

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