From the President

I founded this company to accomplish one goal: to put the fun back into golf. As everyone knows, age has a tendency to slow your swing speed and reduce the distance of your drives. Our machining experts take your current swing speed into account when working on your driver, allowing you to hit those long drives once again.

Since 2006, World’s Hottest Drivers has been pioneering the science of golf driver machining. Our research and technology development team has tested nearly every driver produced on this planet, to find that perfect balance of performance and durability. Regardless what driver brand/model you send us, we know exactly how to unleash its full potential.

You will find us very personable and reachable with your questions and concerns. We care about our customers and our loyal customer base, feedback, and testimonials reflect that.

Thanks for visiting,

Steve Mummert, President

Why We Do It

We love hearing from a customer how our product or service helped their game. We are golfers ourselves and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow golf enthusiasts. We are always upset when someone is disappointed in us or our product and will work to make sure they are satisfied. We hate it when companies are responsive to emails and phone calls before the sale but not afterwards, therefore we don’t treat our customers that way.

Our Guarantee

We aren’t in business simply to make a profit. It’s not a good day if someone is unhappy with our service and we will do whatever we can to make sure they are satisfied. While it is rare when it happens, we will always consult with you regarding any product or service you are unhappy with. We will also re-machine any club that a customer has us work on if it isn’t performing like they had hope, free of charge.