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Titleist TS3 Illegal Non-Conforming Driver

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  • Price: $24.99 Quantity:
    These are a low compression ball that will enhance performance and durability on shaved drivers. The lower compression works synergistically with a high COR face.
  • Driver purchases will normally require a 2-3 business day handling time while we customize the driver to your specifications.

Product Description

Titleist developed the new TS3 driver through a mission to create speed from every detail of the club, called the Titleist Speed Project. By stripping away everything and completely rebuilding their driver design, Titleist developed the Speed Chassis. The Speed Chassis encompasses all of the features that make this driver faster, longer, and every bit as accurate as ever. It starts with the thinnest titanium crown Titleist can make, shifting weight lower and deeper for an optimal center of gravity location. The variable thickness face is thinner and faster than ever, 100% inspected to maximize ball speed at impact. A new streamlined shape reduces drag by 20% for more club head speed. Titleist’s SureFit CG system allows you to opimize spin, launch, and shot shape for personalized performance. The TS3 driver is ideal for golfers who wanted increased distance through speed and dynamic forgiveness with adjustability and the performance to shape their shot off the tee.


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