Had my Old Ping G15 done and brougth it back to life!!I can swing easy and more comfortable knowing the driver will get my distance back! going back for my woods now!

Vin Benally

Wow--unfortunately should have gone .880 versus .890

No doubt there was a lot distance gained! I was hitting drives into the wind further than I do with with my driver without wind. Unfortunately, I think my swing speed was a little higher than I thought. Sadly, I have a small fracture on my club face--ordinarily, I wouldn't be too upset--however, it cost me a lot to be wrong. Make sure you get the correct COR!!!!!

Tony Goodman


Had my driver shaved to.890 face thickness. When fitted for my new Ping G driver my average speed was 88mph. I stayed one step below the max to preserve the integrity of the face and the results are still phenomenal! I've gained 25-30 yards on every drive.I'm old enough to play the senior tees but the group I play with say no. I'm right up there with them now. Glad I found you guys!

Tom Wright

I rarely if ever write reviews about a company but this company has gone above and beyond any expectation I could have even had. Jennifer is an amazing employee for this company and I have never had anyone ever go out of their way to make sure the customer was taken care of as she did. Long story short....I'm from Austin, sent my club to Jennifer the week before was going to pick it up when I flew in to Phoenix, club wasnt ready because of a mail delay....I told her I needed it that day as I was in town for a golf tourney the next day. She made phone calls to get my club finished, she stayed late to wait for it to be done, then she brought it to my hotel to make sure I got it that night! I cant tell you how the club will perform (I will write another for that) but Jennifer and this company is top notch. I have never had the quality of customer care as she and her team demonstrated. Thank you again!!

Will Bowman


AMAZING RESULTS! Didn't think it would help but sure enough I am hitting with the young guns! Dont questions it just do it!

Vincent Milan

Very happy with service

Had my M1 done and taken to Max COR, played with it and still durable. Accuracy is up as well distance up by 30 yards, and winning bets all day love it.....

Stuart Benally

Increased average drives 20-25 yards. Pretty Awesome!

Tommy Hamrick

Happy Golfer

This is an unsolicited testimonial from an avid golfer who has lost significant distance with his driver over the years. I was skeptical but thought I'd give WHD a chance to energize my game and make golf more fun. The service won't change your swing but it certainly has increased my distance on good hits, conservatively, by 20+ yards. I don't use the driver in sanctioned tournaments but it has made my weekly rounds with friends so much more enjoyable. Believe me, the shaving absolutely works and I recommend it to anyone.

Brad Jensen


I am consistently hitting this driver 20 yards further than I’ve ever hit any other driver. The forgiveness and control are excellent also. Great job, thank you!

Don Matise from , United States

According to the swing analyzer at the golf stop it goes 11 yards further. I went with the standard level 3 shave.

Kevin Neal from Maryville, MO United States

I am a repeat customer for a couple of reasons ……
The site is idiot proof, I need all the help I can get while ordering online.
The peolpe make this company …….
The clubs are unmatched by no other.
thanks for making this an easy decission ….

Thomas tipton from goldsboro, NC United States.

Hit 20 yards better. Highly recomend.

Larry Baker from Mount Dora, FL United States

I had been using a non conforming R5 for years and eventually broke the shaft. I ordered the Diablo Octane, recieved it in 4 days. Very good forgiving driver, off center hits still have good carry. Hit it in the sweet spot and the disance is truly amazing. This club on average is 10 – 15 yards longer carry than my old R5. Loving it, thanks.

Jerry from Georgetown, DE United States

I’m hitting the ball farther with less effort. Have recommended this site to fellow golfers.

Tom wagner from north canton, OH United States

Beautiful work. Very happy. Good value

Hal Williams from San Clemente, CA United States.

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